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You may have noticed some deletions. The fact is, some posts just don't stand the test of time. Probably tons of them don't, but I'm too lazy to go back far enough to catch them all. No big deal, really, just house cleaning. The photos from all posts, deleted or not, are always available at [...]

Those things go together, right? This is of course the famous Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, which has been very active this year. (Here are the results of a YouTube search.) You're looking at a telephoto capture of some of today's activity at the 17,802 ft peak of this 730,000-year-old volcano, the second-highest peak in Mexico. [...]

All right, here you go: from now on, every JHFARR.COM post image—the big one, anyway—can be yours to hang on your wall. (Except this one, obviously.) I've set up a pro account at SmugMug, and you can always access the gallery at the "Buy Photos" link in the nav bar at the top of the [...]

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