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Winter Solstice 2013

There's not much snow, and that's just fine with me. New Mexico is drying up, however. Big dirt sucking up the wet, rocks and mountains hungry for whatever moisture falls. They say that all these trees will die in just a couple generations. No one can believe that, though; didn't we just track in a [...]

Beautiful Snow

The snow is beautiful, but for some reason this year I don't seem to care. Not yet, anyway, and certainly not this Monday morning. Maybe fourteen years of digging out, hacking at icy windshields, and slopping through the mud and slush have done their job. Here in Taos, this attitude will get you zero sympathy [...]

This is just ridiculous. All I have to do is walk about a hundred yards, find a clear shot through the scrubby trees for my trusty Pentax with the telephoto lens, and there you go. I probably have three thousand photos like this, one of the benefits of living at the end of a muddy [...]

Gaze on this, ye dry ones, and despair! There's plenty of water on the planet, just not in the Rio Grande or falling from the skies upon the land I love. What you see here is the Atlantic Ocean just off Reid State Park near Georgetown, Maine. I had to get away from crushing family [...]

Hiking in the Snow

Okay, it's damned cold, but I have to exercise. How hard can it be? As it turns out, not very. The hardest part is deciding to go in the first place. This is Taos Valley Overlook, a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property encompassing 2,581 acres. Right there is something to blow the mind. (Our [...]

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