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Garden of Eden

Three Hours from Home

Returning to Taos is always a revelation. The picture above is still southeastern Colorado, but Lord in heaven: we're going into that. And over, and beyond. When we used to live in the East and were coming back from those Iowa road trips to my wife's family, we'd know we were getting close to the [...]

Flaming Sky

I was washing the car the way I do before a trip. No way will I head on down the road in a dirty machine. This was taking care of business, then, and yet extremely satisfying. I'd already been under the hood. The engine was pretty wholesome to start with, except for some dust. But [...]

Pure Heart

For days now it's been the air. Just the air. Breezy, cool, clean, just humid enough. Astounding. The air that heals. Transformative air. You could give air like this to people and they wouldn't believe it. You made that up, they'd say. Step outside though, the first thing someone says is, "Oh, the air!" You [...]

More High Desert Green

I made it. For all the bridges burned and lessons learned, I made it, almost like I conquered time. There’s nothing now but what there is, and here I am. I have to say this feels like some relief. I don’t take out the garbage while I beat myself, I just take out the garbage. [...]

Birthday Weekend Noted

Sometimes it takes a goddamn buffalo. In this case, buffalo tenderloin. That was my birthday dinner Saturday night in an open patio setting that was pure old Taos. It really was disgustingly nice. We walked there from several blocks away along a route we knew from living in a condo once upon a time. There's [...]

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