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Garden of Eden

Taos Spring 3

This is "down by the acequia." Water is running high in the ditch just beyond my feet here where you can't see. The reddish shoots are willows that the ditch cleaning crews usually cut down, but this year I haven't seen them yet. I don't know what the blooming tree is. The dark one in [...]

Happy Easter

What's left of the Japanese plum tree outside the dead landlord's apartment blooms one more time. Its roots reach deep into the sewer line, so it will follow "Uncle Dale" except by chain saw, not by smoking and living over the septic tank. A battered lilac must go with it. The man's been dead eight [...]

Behold the magic piñon! Do you have any idea what you're looking at? The dark areas are crystallized resin. You can see it extending in a shallow curve across the cut face of the wood. This particular piece is about five inches wide. It came from the top of a mountain and was probably here [...]

My wife got back from her exercise session around 7:20 a.m. Amazingly, I was dressed and standing in the driveway with my camera when she rolled in. It wasn't the fog, but the little panic thing that woke me up. That miniature black hole where all your good thoughts go to die. The thing that [...]

Another World Down Here

This is somewhere near the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge, maybe twenty yards above and fifty in a straight line from the river. The top of the cliff is 800 feet above. The scene is more unusual than you might think. The humongous boulders, for example, but especially the really sturdy sagebrush and a [...]

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