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Eater of Men

April is getting serious. I don't know what that is, but when it rolled through, we got snow. That picture says a lot about New Mexico. It's like loving giant crocodiles and the only way to make them come is holding out your leg. Something else jumped out at me yesterday besides those clouds. Apparently [...]

Almost Full

It didn't look that small when I took the picture. (Photography is a mysterious business.) Anyway, the full moon is tomorrow. Maybe it'll look bigger then! It was over 60 degrees today, by the way. Dudes with sleeveless T-shirts showing off tattoos, me driving around with my window down. I didn't build a fire all [...]

Sagebrush and Diamonds

For behold, the wealth of Nature lying at your—er, my—feet. I took this last Wednesday at Taos Valley Overlook on a fairly muddy walk. Haven't been out since. In the next 48 hours, we should get another dose of snow and single-digit lows. That may freeze the ground good and hard so I can hike [...]

How to Feed the Birds

You people on antidepressants don't know what you're missing. How are you ever going to know who stole your seeds? Personally, I'd rather be just fine for thirty days and then go catatonic in the morning. A certain constellation under a half moon, an overlay of weaknesses that line up with the map. Before I [...]

9,000th Shot of Taos Mountain

Heck, wouldn't you? I mean, look at that thing. Taos Mountain is to the left and under the clouds. Everything you're looking at is Pueblo land, by the way. No bikers, jerky vendors, or Confederate flags. No realtors, ski bums, or trust-funders playing hippies. No temples, preachers, or bleeding saints. No poetry readings, fanny packs, [...]

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