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New Mexico

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Those horses aren't going to move themselves, so I guess that's why they're tied to a truck. We don't mess around down here. The man looking at me over the horse's butt is a neighbor. You can't see, but he's leading three or four more, with a loose colt running alongside. His father is driving [...]

Time Warp Weather

Not really, of course, just typical April carrying-on at this latitude and 7,000 feet. But this does feel weird, because we've had months of above normal temperatures and hardly any precipitation at all. Day after day of big, bright sun. I've been hiking in my shorts for weeks! The sky is generally the most dramatic [...]

Cowboy Guru

Here he is again! I met him the other day for the third time on the Rift Valley Trail at Taos Valley Overlook. This time we chatted and shook hands. Maybe the next time, we'll actually exchange names. This is the man who famously told me at our first meeting after I mentioned my age, [...]

Golden Light Report

It's evening now, but today was one of those mornings in paradise. The ancient washing machine that empties into the kitchen sink—if you remember to hook the hose over the edge—had come to a stop with a clatter and a scrape. As she pulled out the wet laundry to hang it on racks in front [...]

The Winter It Didn’t Snow

One tends not to complain in February when the daily highs run ten to twenty degrees above normal under big blue skies. I took this photo on Friday, when I was hiking in my shorts! This is more than passing strange, however. It snowed hard once back in November and again in early December, if [...]

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