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New Mexico


I love this picture. Notice the New Mexico state colors. I'm also thinking that it's quite a deal for a town of fewer than a thousand souls to even have a visitor center. And you see how bright it looks? How strong the sun must be? Well, it was, but by 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning, [...]

It's rough, I know, but sometimes there must be sacrifices. I shot this from the parking lot at the Cimmaron Visitor's Center, which in fairness only has space for maybe half a dozen cars. There's plenty of space on both sides of the street, however, and yes, I know it's Sunday. It strikes me this [...]

We were driving around Cimarron (pop. 888) and wondering why almost every house, no matter how poor—and there are a lot of those—had some kind of fence around it. As we came around this corner, the answer suddenly was obvious! It only takes one visit from a pair like this to send you down to [...]

Cimarron for Dummies

We've always driven through Cimarron, population 888—it's only a few blocks long—but today we drove to Cimarron. Certainly unprecedented in my experience, and I doubt many have. That's both understandable and a damn shame, because Cimarron is one of those places with an essence. Hell, this place will essence you to death. I like it, [...]

I've seen some strange things in my day. Had a deputy sheriff security guard staple a ticket stub to my collar at the Sex Pistols gig at Randy's Rodeo in San Antonio. Saw Captain Sensible of The Damned do an encore in the nude at a nightclub in D.C. And then there was the time [...]

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