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The Great Dissolve

Something is going on. A panic has departed. My brain is working differently. There's a qualitative difference. I don't quite know how to tell you, but it's like discovering this trust and now it's got me. I think I caught it hiking on the mesa by the gorge. My father used to measure everything. There [...]

The Shining Hour

The shining hour has arrived. Something different has been waiting for a long, long time. My wife for one has never stood so straight or looked so beautiful. Either this depth and richness is a wild new thing or I just passed third grade. Best not go into that. I’ve never felt so strongly that [...]

Oh, that place... Does it even exist? Grundy Center, Iowa [above] at least looks the part. We finally watched the movie “Nebraska” last night. After reading several critical reviews and online comments about how “depressing” it was, I had my doubts, but it was one of the best films I’ve seen in years. Very moving, [...]

A Greater Love

There's been so much sunshine this year. Hardly any snow. Day after day of clear blue sky and big bright sun. You get addicted and expect it and it usually shows up. Like how when you stop trying to "fix" things so hard, something else gets better, and then you just go with that. The [...]

Isolation Therapy

This happens to me all the time: no matter how much at home I feel at any given moment, no matter how often my heart sings with joy at being in the mountains, no matter many epiphanies or transcendental experiences I've had, whenever I hear of someone leaving Taos, my first reaction is almost always [...]

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