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An Unimaginable Land

Nature is a portal. When I crave confirmation of my origin, all I have to do is take a hike. Amazingly, some humans are immune. Most of them, perhaps. But just look! You could probably put all the people in that landscape on a bus. I need bitch no more. When I was young, I [...]

Windshield Wiper

Not taken today, but that's where I was. Similar but more grand. There was a large storm with lightning and heavy rain about twenty miles away on the other side of the gorge. It looked like a Portuguese man-of-war with horns and covered half the sky. I could see the rain advancing rapidly in my [...]

Everybody Dance Now

The old dude marched across the sagebrush-covered mesa, scuffing his boots in the dust and marveling (once again) that he was all alone under God's big sky in the middle of nowhere that was somewhere in his heart or else he wouldn't be there. Scuff, stride, pant. It was hotter than it should have been, [...]

Homeland of the Heart

Gaze long above and feel the cold air hit you from the west! You may need to go sit in the car or get another layer. (That's okay, my wife did both.) The photo is the truth. So much else is not! Those huge rocks on the right are the backside of the Brazos Cliffs, [...]

Lazuli God Force

These birds are incredible. That they exist just slaps me silly. That I can look out my window at the feeder and there they are—in between the evil squirrel raids—is something special. I am one lucky goddamn sonofabitch. But just think how hard that lazuli bunting had to work to get to where he is [...]

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