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Remember Who You Are

I have a friend who sent me a photograph of light reflecting off a piece of obsidian crystal and wrote, "View deeply, remember who you are." Now that is very cool. It came precisely at the moment when I needed a reminder. Today I went hiking on the same trail from which I took the [...]

My Aim Is True

Now, this is familiar. At least it used to be, until the neighbors moved away. Ever since, the poor old outlaw Taos septic tank can sort of work, and my presence hasn't been required. You're looking at the back of our house with the dead landlord's apartment. His hat and coat are still hanging on [...]

What a hellacious and bodacious last few weeks. All my amps are turned up to eleven. My fight-or-flight response is stuck on in-between. It's like this is when I save my life, but how many dragons did you say were waiting in the lobby? My moods have been snapping back and forth like whirling bullwhips. [...]

The Weight [Revised]

Oh, never mind. Was doing more editing, got off the track, and decided to go with just the photo for a while. Oh sure. I took this one with a telephoto lens from the mesa at Taos Valley Overlook, looking back toward the mountains that run along the highway from Picuris Peak. Yee-haw daddy-o. Meanwhile, [...]

Welcome Home

A couple of years before we moved to New Mexico, we were driving through el Norte on a trip. An outing north of Taos brought us to the Wild Rivers Recreation Area (now part of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument). I was astounded by the remoteness of the place as well as the [...]

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