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Just a little something from this morning, looking out across the valley below. I've always called it the Talpa valley, because Talpa is over there somewhere, but copying me could get you into trouble. There's an actual spot called Talpa a little to the right where you can't see. I used to say that no [...]

Float Like a Butterfly

By God, there's nothing like an April morning snow to start your week off right! The way it was coming down when I staggered out of bed, you'd figure there was someone on their way to rescue us. We more or less shut down, thinking we were snowed in, but then it tapered off. As [...]

The Fog of Taos

Essentially, the present town of Taos is a dark and murderous blight upon the beauty of el Norte. While there are beautiful old adobe buildings to be seen and hippie funk of most astonishing degree—some would say art—of that, there is no doubt. Our charlatans are pros. There's nothing you can do but find your [...]

Phooey. Looks like I'll have to get more wood this season, after all. And here it's been so warm until that snow forty-eight hours ago, I thought I could skate by. There's hardly any actual firewood in this shot or anywhere else, either. The rounds that look like chopping blocks aren't piñon, but logs that [...]

Living the Dream

Here we are again, just seventy-two hours after I was ready to blow up everything, toss the whole deal, run away and join the circus, you name it. Just rained right down again out of a clear blue sky. You really should have been here, it was just amazing. There I was, mad enough at [...]

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