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Road Rage

I spotted the huge red Ford truck (an F-350?) from about a hundred yards away, barreling down unpaved Miranda Canyon Road toward the stop sign at the intersection up ahead the way so many do. The other guy could surely see me but apparently had no thought of stopping. Of all the nerve, I thought, [...]

Domestic Considerations

It was another beautiful day here in el Norte. The photo was taken in the middle of June, but who cares? My wife is as beautiful as ever, and everything else is still the same. Or is it? Just yesterday the toilet wouldn't flush (again), and I had to call Gilbert the Plumber. It had [...]

Summer’s Gone

Oh, you can tell. Never made it out of the sixties today, heading into the forties tonight. I asked my wife if I should make a fire. Deviously though, as if she were the one to want it: "Not in August!" I understand. Summer is a state of mind at seven thousand feet. (Believe you [...]

Quiet Thunder

What a fine day today! The monsoon storms did a slow dance all around and left us high and dry. Not that that's a good thing, but at least we're spared the noise of extra growing things and lambs a-frolicking in the dew. In a similar vein, we noticed yesterday evening the extraordinary presence of [...]

New Mexico Weeds

I swear I never saw these plants before in my life until a few months ago, right here. They're incredibly tough. They made my Craftsman Brushwhacker cry. All I did was trim them some to make a path. Now they're turning brown. There's some outlaw septic tank drainage field work under all that, too, most [...]

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