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Early Spring (Video)

Here's more evidence that we've skipped ahead to spring. As anyone who's lived through a few years in el Norte knows, spring means howling wind and blowing dust! Tie the patio chairs down and hold on, that kind of thing. Somewhere in another life, spring meant tree frogs, blooming redbuds, and soft, perfumed air. Or [...]

The Road to Carson (+Video)

Presented for your edification and amusement, at least a portion of New Mexico State Road 567 climbing the wall of the Rio Grande Gorge after crossing at the Taos Junction Bridge on the way to Carson, shot from somewhere on the Rift Valley Trail at Taos Valley Overlook. Looks straight, doesn't it? Hahaha. I used [...]

TAOS SOUL Book Trailer (Video)

More fun with iMovie: give a man a Mac and a blustery Saturday afternoon and he makes a book trailer. [NOTE: v.3 above] As usual, the video is HD and there's 1:53 of it. For best results, set your YouTube player to 720p. There's a lunatic impersonating me from almost seven years ago. The soundtrack [...]

Taos County Outback (Video)

What we have here is a whole minute of herky-jerky handheld video from the cab of a woodcutter's truck on its way across the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The 4wD Mazda was loaded to the gills with what my friend tells me is over 1,500 pounds of piñon. The video is HD, so [...]

Don't know how long this will be up on YouTube, so have a look now. This video consists of two different combined trailers—still want to say "previews"—for the new movie "Gravity," starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Needless to say, I have to see this thing. Oh my God.

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