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It’s Coming

The new book is almost ready. It's a chronological collection of blog posts that tell the story of my mother’s chaotic last years under the influence of dementia, Alzheimer’s, paranoia, schizophrenia, delusions, and hallucinations. Real-time dispatches from the front, as it were, between 2008 and 2012. This should be a hoot and a half. The [...]

Is this just monkey brain or something else? I'm having the oddest reaction to accumulating enough minor inheritances for a down payment on a house. Namely, I want to keep it! Or is this a reaction to where we are? There's an article in the latest Taos News by a most unhappy woman that anyone [...]

Bye-Bye Baby Good-Bye

My wife came into the kitchen after getting the mail, both hands held behind her back. "Which hand?" she asked. I picked her right hand, and she gave me an envelope with a check from my late aunt's estate. I couldn't have guessed wrong, because there was another one just like it in her other [...]

Go for It

As you can see, I've got the hat, and now I'll always know just where I am. I wasn't wearing it the last time I hiked—much too new to get it sweaty—and as it turned out, I covered half of the outbound leg without even realizing it! What I'm saying is, I found myself in [...]

Well, what do I do now? This old adobe has no built-in closets, but one end of the added-on bathroom has a sturdy shelf of heavy boards that goes all the way across. There’s enough room underneath to hang two lengths of conduit from chains. My wife gets the left side, I get the right. [...]

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